Entertainment and Pastime

Entertainment and Pastime

Apr 15, 2021

The main attraction of the Legends Trail is beautiful nature, impressive landscape, and amazing variety of historical monuments. In addition, the Trail offers many opportunities for active and passive pastime. While walking along the trail you can relax, recharge in the lap of nature, get acquainted with local arts and crafts.

Visit Land Art projects on the Legends Trail to learn about local arts and crafts.

Land Art is a trend in art originated in the United States at the end of the 1960s, where the works created by the artist are very closely related to the natural landscape, moreover no harmful substances are used to implement the idea.

Magic forest

To the south of Tandzaver village, a loop path is laid through a secluded forest. When hiking along the path you can see fascinating Land Art works, in the form of forest spirits and fairies, birds watching you through the trunks of trees. All this was created by local and foreign artists in 2019 to make the Legends Trail even more interesting.

Vahanavank Nature and Art Gorge

This cozy corner is located near Vaհanavank, 12 km west of Kapan. In the picturesque gorge, there is a 1 km long loop trail. Along the trail, there are 20 Land Art works, 10 benches where you can rest or have a bite, and two man-made bridges over the river flowing through the gorge. There are dozens of signs along the trail providing information on local flora and fauna.

 Rural life of Vachagan village

On Vachagan-Bagaburj section of the Legends Trail, near Vachagan village, just 50 meters from the 19th-century bridge, there is a picturesque corner with Land Art works created by local artists. Here you can have a great time either alone or with friends.

"Khustup" B&B in the village of Vachagan offers master classes /vodka distillation, fishing on the Vachagan River, cooking, cheese, and butter making.

If you would like to get acquainted with works of local artists or local crafts such as carpet weaving or khachkar carving, contact the local guides and they will organize master classes for you. It is also possible to organize a concert of ethnic music (contact David Hakobyan).

The villages of Beh, Vachagan, and Bagaburj on the Legends Trail are quite close to the city of Kapan and from here it is quite easy to visit the cultural events that take place in Kapan, either in the open air or in concert halls.

We also recommend visiting museums

Kapan Museum of Regional Studies

The museum was founded in 1969; the museum houses a rich collection of exhibits, the oldest of which date back to the seventh millennium. Here you can see unique samples from the Bronze Age to the Soviet era, from the Urartian period to the present day, which reflect the lifestyle, customs, and traditions of Kapan, tell us about the great people of Kapan.

Kapan Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum exhibits the works of painters, sculptors, graphic artists and masters of decorative applied arts. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum organizes individual and group exhibitions of Kapan artists.

Museum of Ethnography in Dzorastan

The museum displays paintings, souvenirs made by local residents, artifacts found during excavations in Dzorastan neighbourhoos, as well as tales and legends of Dzorastan and nearby villages.

Retreat and recreation

If you are tired of hustle and bustle of the city and the stress caused by it, it's time to hike along the Legends Trail.

Find tranquillity and peace of mind the ancient churches and monasteries that are located along the Legends Trail. Take a walk in nature, get some fresh air or relax on the grass, soaking up the energy of the sun. And in the evening, sit with friends round the bonfire and enjoy a delicious organic dinner, gaze at the stars in the clear sky, play the guitar and sing your favorite songs.

Here, on each section of Tatev-Khustup trail, you can enjoy outdoor recreation, read a book, or write your own, delve into yourself, do yoga and meditation. You can meditate and do yoga near ARK camp in Tandzaver, three hundred meters from the village of Arajadzor towards the village of Shgarshik, two kilometers from Vahanavank towards Bekh, on the slope of Mount Khustup, a place known as Navcha. If necessary, you can have a yoga instructor accompany your group. ARK camp Kapan offers massage services. And if your body longs for serious physical activity, ARK camp has training apparatus and all necessary equipment. 

This publication is created with the financial assistance of the European Union. ARK Environmental NGO is responsible for the content; it does not have to reflect the views of the European Union.

The Legends Trail was created by the European Union and People in Need representative office in Armenia, in the frame of "EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on the historic trail in Syunik" project in partnership with ARK Ecological NGO.

          Contacts of the above mentioned specialists

  • David Hakobyan – local guide, organizing master classes, tel․:+37493049808
  • Vilen Agagulyan - local guide, tel.: +374 77778670
  • Anush Chalyan, tel.: +374 94350950
  • Elena Mkrtchyan, carpet weaving master, tel.: +37477839798
  • Alik Arakelyan, khachkar carving master, tel.: +37494558322
  • Mary Movsisyan, fitness & yoga trainer, tel.: +374 607172
  • Khustup B&B, Ashot Harutyunyan, master classes in achagan village, tel.: +374 44444407

Author: ARK Armenia